September 11, 2014

Dublin Wish List

Topshop blush pink scalloped tee
 (€20) • Topshop burgundy tee with lace detail (€32) • Jo Malone Wood Sage & Sea Salt cologne (€25 for 35 ml) • Michael Kors Selma medium tote in orange saffiano leather (€230)

My bags are packed and I am checked in. Tomorrow morning I'm flying to Ireland and I will have a good few hours to spare before Kenneth arrives in Dublin as well (he's currently in another Irish city for work). Because shopping is not my boyfriend's favorite activity, I will stroll around Grafton Street and the surrounding area before he arrives. I'm shopping for my hopefully last back to school outfit, and have spotted quite some lovely things at Topshop. Though, I'll be paying Brown Thomas a visit too, because I've heard so much good about the new Jo Malone perfume that I'd really like to try it myself! An orange MK handbag has been on my wishlist for years, but they only carry the color in the fall. This year it's definitely not in the budget for me, but a girl can dream, right? Right.

September 8, 2014

Indian Summer Weather

dress: Madewell
 • cardigan: C&A • sandals: Tamaris

I am writing this post on what remains of the enormous wave of adrenaline that just went through my body. I got my exam results and I unexpectedly passed my tests! We weren't supposed to get our results back before the 12th and I was already nervous about that, because I wouldn't be able to check them while I am in Dublin. Seriously, how can there still be hotels without WiFi? Knowing this, you can probably imagine the horror I felt when one of my uni friends casually asked me how my grades were. In the middle of the grocery store. Without internet connection. I've never disliked the long queue at the registers more than I did today. When I got home I mistyped my password about five hundred times trying to log in to the school system, but as soon as I saw those golden numbers on my screen the well-known adrenaline rush kicked in. Without this grade, I wouldn't have been able to write my thesis and graduate next june, so I am incredibly happy today. I celebrated with a new handbag from H&M (still had that gift card, remember?) and tonight I'm going out for drinks with some of my fave blogging ladies. It's going to be gooooood. Classes start again in two weeks, so I'll be enjoying every little moment I have now. Hope you guys had an equally good (or even better!) start of the week! See you all on Thursday!

September 1, 2014

Have You Readhead in August '14?

"Have you redhead?" "Have you read that?" "The Ginger Diaries". You get it.

August came and went, and I spent pretty much the whole month working for school. I'm really excited that September finally arrived, because that means my exams are almost over, I can start re-building my social life and, most of all: WE'RE GOING TO DUBLIN! Aaaah! I've never been to Ireland before, and I am absolutely pumped for my first visit there. I'm also a little scared though, because I will be flying s-s-o-l-o and from an airport I've never traveled from. But, If I was able to manage Washingtons Dulles International on my own, than how bad can Eindhoven be right? No biggie! Kenneth will be in Dublin the whole week for work, and I'll fly after him in the weekend so we can have a short few days together before I head back to uni. This trip was booked spontaneously and we're already leaving soon, so we're clueless about what to see, shop, eat and do in the Irish capital. If anyone of you has ever been, would you please share your awesome adventures and musts with me? You rock.

For now, and as promised, I've got my list of all things hot in August. Hope you enjoy these reads and I'll hopefully be back with a new outfit next week - that is, if it ever stops raining.

Must reads 
  • After GOMI came out with a post on bloggers using PhotoShop on their insta-selfies, Belgian bloggers Siel en Elien both wrote a post on the subject too. Fake It Till You Make It: The Blogging World (by Siel) and Why Your Favorite Blogger On Instagram Is A Fraud (by Elien) are two amazing posts that show how deceiving Instagram (and other social media) can be.
  • But sometimes, bloggers can laugh at their own Instagram-fails as well. I was caught red-handed by Naomi sharing a bedside pic, and I'm curious to find out which Instagram clich├ęs you are guilty of!
  • Are you a nineties kid like me? Recognize any of these?
  • Marsa's post on How to Keep The Relationship Spicey inspired me to write a post myself that I hope to publish soon. In the meantime, Kenneth and I are enjoying our weekly date nights and are working on our selfie-taking skills. Gotta keep that SnapChat updated, right?

Blogs I loved
  • With Love From Kat • I stumbled upon her blog through Instagram, and fell in love immediately. Katelyn has an impeccable sense of style that I just can't get enough of. 
  • Fashionlorious • Brand new on the Belgian blogging-block and the third blogger in my hometown. Check out Eline's personal style blog for fun outfits and recipes.


August 28, 2014

#GOINGDUTCH: Veiren in Veere (*)

Veere, not even that far from Yerseke, is a beautiful small town in Zealand. Typical Dutch houses adorn the cobbled streets, the Great Church and city hall tower above the trees and the many terraces offer ideal seats for people watching. And there's plenty to see, as you'll discover after the break point!

We started our day on the lake. We (my mom, dad, sister and I) toured around the Veerse Meer, a lagoon separated from the North Sea by the Delta dam, and enjoyed the many beautiful views over the fields, campsites and other small towns surrounding it. It was really sunny outside that day, so stayed safely below deck most of the "ride" to avoid a severe sunburn. Thanks to the giant open windows of the boat, I still managed to capture some lovely moments on the water. After the boat tour, we strolled aimlessly around town in search for a bite to eat. I got all snappy-happy around the beautiful yachts lined up to leave the port, spotted my dream car, ate "kibbelingen", went into the funniest gift shop and had the most delicious ice cream. It was again a very good day out in The Netherlands and I hope to visit Veere again soon! For this season, however, it seems this will have been my last visit with our Northern neighbors. Our planned trips to Middelburg and Goes have been cancelled due to the endless rainfall of the last three weeks. Fall has come, and I wasn't ready for it yet. My vacation photos restore a little of the summer feeling that I have lost, but that will hopefully return for at least a few days in September. Have a great weekend guys and please enjoy the photos!

August 25, 2014

The Other One

dress: French Connection • sandals: Tamaris • croos-body bag: Kate Spade "Little Minka"

Cobalt blue has been labelled my signature color by both my on- and offline friends. It an open secret that I love the bright blue shade to my wardrobe pieces. This summer you've seen me rock it more than once on the blog ( #1#2#3), and also in real life I am rarely spotted without my Ted Baker blazer these days. But no matter how great the love is, some days I have to cheat. Some days, I grab for "the other one" in my closet: wine purple.

It's a difficult color to find in stores, but it's a color that I believe was meant to be worn by redheads. I look out for it whenever I am shopping, and will almost always try on anything I find. There's something about the way this particular shade of purple looks with my hair that instantly makes me happy when I look in the mirror. It's also one of the few colors I know that doesn't make my skin look like I am an extra on The Walking Dead (totally a ginger problem, right?), but actually makes my skin glow a little. It's funny to even say that, my skin... glowing... ha! Not a chance.

These photos were taken in the Japanese gardens in Hasselt. I was really excited about visiting them after seeing the photos from a friends engagement session, taken under a sea of cherry blossoms and by the large koi pond in the center. Kenneth and I had a little picnic and sat by the pond for a good while while, soaking up the sunshine and enjoying each others company. Little did we know it would be the last day we'd see the sun this summer. It's been raining non-stop for almost three weeks now and we're barely making 20°C anymore. This might just be the last summery outfit I am able to share with you this year and that makes me a little bit sad. I still had so much fun looks in mind that I never got around shooting! Ain't that how the style-blogging story goes?

Have a great week guys! Hopefully you've got more fun plans than I do! I have my second exam on Wednesday and nobody likes those, right? I'm going to watch one more of my recorded classes, and you can go watch the new episode of your favorite series or read more blogs. You are living the good life, my friend. Cheerios!