April 24, 2014

Last week, a few good friends and I went to a cocktail bar for a last good night out before our exam stress sets in. You probably known them: that group of young teenage boys occupying more seats than there are group members, while other people in the venue are standing. They were teasing a group of young girls when I tried my own luck getting a chair. Their reaction made me feel a little unsure about myself. One of them immediately jumped up, apologised and handed me an empty chair while saying "here you go madam". Madam!? 22 is only... 6 years older then they were. Oh boy!

Today I celebrate my 22nd birthday. The "horrorscope" in a magazine predicted I'd be kissing 10 people today, but I can assure you that my friends made sure I went well over that number, haha. Veronique brought a mini-cherry pie to class and Joke gave me Mentos candy. After class we went for coffee, and I ran into two fellow bloggers at our lunch spot. Kenneth took me out for Nando's en frozen yoghurt and now we're being lazy on the couch watching a random gardening program. It was a good day, despite the rain that forced me to switch from my birthday dress into jeans. 

Last year on my birthday I wrote about the wishes I had for my 22nd year on this planet. I personally love reading retrospective posts and see how people go about their goals, so I though it would be fun to write about my own year today. Let's see how I did!
"For the next year I mostly hope to graduate from college and decide what I want to study for my Masters. I hope to travel even more, maybe to northern Italy, southern Spain or Scotland but preferably to all. I am still doubting whether I should go to Canterbury or not and I really, really should get back into blogging. Like... really."
I'm pretty proud to look back today and say that almost everything I wished for has happened! I graduated from college as a social worker in June, and a few days before that big event I finally made a decision about my Masters. In September I started my study in Sociology at the University of Antwerp. The new environment and moving into a small studio in the city, caused me some stress at first, but everything has fallen into place by the start of October. Northern Italy was visited in July, with stops in Bologna, Venice and Florence. The South of Spain became Portugal, when we visited Lisbon in February of this year. After lots of doubting, I nervously boarded a bus to Canterbury in August for my first solo day trip and spent so much money shopping, that I had to go on a shop-stop months later. The only thing that I haven't accomplished is a better blogging routine. For the past year, I've been blogging with ups and downs, taking a break in March and seeing my schedule fail multiple times. I really want to work on this during my summer break, but I am completely indecisive about how I'll actually do this. I'll see where I land my feet, and when. 

Today I don't really have much wishes and prospects. I hope to successfully take my exams in June, and spent a few weekends in my parents' new vacationing spot in The Netherlands during my summer break. A low key and relaxed year, where school takes a central place but with enough me-time to stay sane, that's what I wish for. 

I hope you guys had a splendid day too, and wish you all a happy weekend!  

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When life hands you lemons, you wear your favorite pieces

April 21, 2014

sweater: J.Crew • jeans: Gap 1969 • tank top: H&M • crossbody bag: Kate Spade • heels: Cypres • ring: Twice as Nice

Today is the last day of Spring Break. I didn't have any chocolate on Easter. We're back home from a weekend away in Paris. I have no dress to wear to my formal dance this Friday. I have to give a presentation about the partitioning model in organizational sociology this week. We didn't get my birthday outfit shot in time. I already wore 90% of this outfit in a previous post. First world problems, I had my share of them this week.

The past few weeks have been rather exhausting for me (as I've told you a million times by now) hence my unforgivable blogging behavior. I'm hopelessly behind on my Bloglovin' list and have no idea how I'm going to catch up. So first things first, thank you guys for sticking around and reading still while I'm trying to keep my head above the never-ending flow of papers, syllabus and Class'ex full of notes. I've been debating putting The Ginger Diaries on hold one more time, but blogs don't survive two months without being nourished. And after my break in February, I know that I do not want to stop this fun adventure yet! Just two more months to go, and then I'll (hopefully) have oceans of time to fix things.

On a brighter note: It's my birthday this week, we're going to Nando's and mom bought me the cutest new shoes to celebrate the ending of my 22nd year on this planet. I had hoped to get a fun photoshoot up on the blog Thursday, when I turn 22, but due to colder weather, no helium balloons, no new dress and no available photographer it sort of all fell into the water. I will have to come up with something new now! This week there are also a few blogging events, but I'm still unsure whether I'll make it or not. As you could read in my last post, I've been having so much fun meeting up with fellow bloggers the past few weeks and I'd love to continue the good vibes. Hopefully you guys are looking at a good week too. See you on Thursday!

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Pre-Opening of the Julia June Concept Store

April 17, 2014

Women who love to dress feminine, colorful and on-trend absolutely need to know about fashion revelation Julia June. The fashion brand, born and raised in Belgium since 2005, is soon opening their concept store in Ghent. They had a festive pre-opening for press and bloggers two weeks ago, where we could discover the fall-winter '14 collection while enjoying plates full of the most delicious pastries. 

And those pastries were not a random catering choice. Until the day before the event, the location of the concept store was well-known patisserie Fevery. Hence the beautiful setting of the concept store, which still looked like any traditional Belgian bakery inside. Endless scarfs were draped over the counter and cake boxes with both the Julia June and Fevery logo had been placed in the old bread boards on the back wall. In the basement, the traditional ovens were still hot and in production, all under the watchful eye of the star-baker himself. Touring the bakery's kitchen was truly a fun experience and we got a liiiitlle snappy happy, as the photos below will prove!

Apart from good food and delicious drinks, I had a lot of friends around who made the night extra special. I got to meet a few new people as well! I hope you guys enjoy these (sometimes silly) photos of us.

Grietje and her lovely smartphone cover (get it?) • Monica, Naomi & Joppe targeting me • Naomi is always ready to strike a pose • Astrid & Monica getting their picture taken for the upcoming Facebook contest • Instagramming and dancing at the same time, Naomi-style • Beats by Amelie Lens

Julia June Concept Store
Brabantdam 8 - Ghent
Opening in August

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My summer basics

April 14, 2014

jeans: Gap • lace-trimmed top: Oysho • cargo jacket: C&A Clockhouse • heels: Cypres via Snoeys • cross-body bag: Kate Spade "Little Minka"

April is the month known for its changeable weather, and that weather influences the schedules of (style) bloggers is a well known fact. Add to that the fact that I'm currently on Spring break and you have the fail-roof recipe for a blogging disaster. When I am taken out of my daily life routine, I have no idea what day or date it is nor do I realize that I should prepare my new blog posts. And so a few empty slots in my archives are explained. 

Not that much happened in life. Spring break is just a code word for study time and since I'm hopelessly behind on my school schedule, I spent the last two weeks glued to my desk and with my nose in the books. There are more exciting things to blog about! I'm actually quickly writing this short post in between two chapters of my social research methods syllabus, and am feeling self-inflicted pressure to get back to work. I've got to go my friends, I'll see you on Thursday!
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MoMu Antwerp: Birds of Paradise

April 8, 2014

The past two weeks have been very, very hectic for me. I feel like I've been running around like a headless chicken and I really had to catch my breath. What better way to relax, than by writing a new blog post, drinking a smoothie and looking back on my photos of the amazing Birds of Paradise collection, currently on display in the Antwerp Fashion Museum? There is no better way I'd say!

On this particular warm evening in March, I met my beloved blogging friend Sven for food and drinks before the event. I hadn't seen the guy in so many months, yet it felt like it had only been one weekend. We couldn't stop talking! We arrived at the MoMu casually late and together with Lieke, who kept us company for the rest of the evening. After a warm opening speech by Belgian fashionista Tiany Kirilof and the MoMu team, we entered the soft and spectacular world of feathered haute couture. We were taken behind the scenes of the fashion museum and learned about the curation process that takes place before each exhibition and about how the older masterpieces are preserved (think early 1900's dresses and hats). 

Once in the exhibition space, my jaw dropped to the floor as I walked around all the stunning displays. My absolute favorite pieces were the feathered Chanel flapper dresses, which I unfortunately didn't get any good photos of. Sometimes words are overrated, and I think that this collection is strong and eye-catching enough to speak for itself. My camera was acting much like a puberal 14-year-old, so I don't have a lot of photos to show. But those that  I do have, I love. Take a look!

behind the scenes • the first gown I laid my eyes upon • blogger Ellen and her photographing sister • two pieces from the fall fashion display • dark silhouette from the winter collection • feathered artwork from the hand of Kate MccGwire • Bloggers Grietje & Anouk doing what bloggers do best: gathering content for their articles.

Birds of Paradise is currently open to the public and will be until August 24th 2014. On show are gowns , accessories and feathered artwork from Chanel, Balenciaga, MqQueen, De Meulemeester and more well-sounding names.

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