Pre-Opening of the Julia June Concept Store

April 17, 2014

Women who love to dress feminine, colorful and on-trend absolutely need to know about fashion revelation Julia June. The fashion brand, born and raised in Belgium since 2005, is soon opening their concept store in Ghent. They had a festive pre-opening for press and bloggers two weeks ago, where we could discover the fall-winter '14 collection while enjoying plates full of the most delicious pastries. 

And those pastries were not a random catering choice. Until the day before the event, the location of the concept store was well-known patisserie Fevery. Hence the beautiful setting of the concept store, which still looked like any traditional Belgian bakery inside. Endless scarfs were draped over the counter and cake boxes with both the Julia June and Fevery logo had been placed in the old bread boards on the back wall. In the basement, the traditional ovens were still hot and in production, all under the watchful eye of the star-baker himself. Touring the bakery's kitchen was truly a fun experience and we got a liiiitlle snappy happy, as the photos below will prove!

Apart from good food and delicious drinks, I had a lot of friends around who made the night extra special. I got to meet a few new people as well! I hope you guys enjoy these (sometimes silly) photos of us.

Grietje and her lovely smartphone cover (get it?) • Monica, Naomi & Joppe targeting me • Naomi is always ready to strike a pose • Astrid & Monica getting their picture taken for the upcoming Facebook contest • Instagramming and dancing at the same time, Naomi-style • Beats by Amelie Lens

Julia June Concept Store
Brabantdam 8 - Ghent
Opening in August

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My summer basics

April 14, 2014

jeans: Gap • lace-trimmed top: Oysho • cargo jacket: C&A Clockhouse • heels: Cypres via Snoeys • cross-body bag: Kate Spade "Little Minka"

April is the month known for its changeable weather, and that weather influences the schedules of (style) bloggers is a well known fact. Add to that the fact that I'm currently on Spring break and you have the fail-roof recipe for a blogging disaster. When I am taken out of my daily life routine, I have no idea what day or date it is nor do I realize that I should prepare my new blog posts. And so a few empty slots in my archives are explained. 

Not that much happened in life. Spring break is just a code word for study time and since I'm hopelessly behind on my school schedule, I spent the last two weeks glued to my desk and with my nose in the books. There are more exciting things to blog about! I'm actually quickly writing this short post in between two chapters of my social research methods syllabus, and am feeling self-inflicted pressure to get back to work. I've got to go my friends, I'll see you on Thursday!
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MoMu Antwerp: Birds of Paradise

April 8, 2014

The past two weeks have been very, very hectic for me. I feel like I've been running around like a headless chicken and I really had to catch my breath. What better way to relax, than by writing a new blog post, drinking a smoothie and looking back on my photos of the amazing Birds of Paradise collection, currently on display in the Antwerp Fashion Museum? There is no better way I'd say!

On this particular warm evening in March, I met my beloved blogging friend Sven for food and drinks before the event. I hadn't seen the guy in so many months, yet it felt like it had only been one weekend. We couldn't stop talking! We arrived at the MoMu casually late and together with Lieke, who kept us company for the rest of the evening. After a warm opening speech by Belgian fashionista Tiany Kirilof and the MoMu team, we entered the soft and spectacular world of feathered haute couture. We were taken behind the scenes of the fashion museum and learned about the curation process that takes place before each exhibition and about how the older masterpieces are preserved (think early 1900's dresses and hats). 

Once in the exhibition space, my jaw dropped to the floor as I walked around all the stunning displays. My absolute favorite pieces were the feathered Chanel flapper dresses, which I unfortunately didn't get any good photos of. Sometimes words are overrated, and I think that this collection is strong and eye-catching enough to speak for itself. My camera was acting much like a puberal 14-year-old, so I don't have a lot of photos to show. But those that  I do have, I love. Take a look!

behind the scenes • the first gown I laid my eyes upon • blogger Ellen and her photographing sister • two pieces from the fall fashion display • dark silhouette from the winter collection • feathered artwork from the hand of Kate MccGwire • Bloggers Grietje & Anouk doing what bloggers do best: gathering content for their articles.

Birds of Paradise is currently open to the public and will be until August 24th 2014. On show are gowns , accessories and feathered artwork from Chanel, Balenciaga, MqQueen, De Meulemeester and more well-sounding names.

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Every once in a blue Monday

March 31, 2014

florals pants: Zara • blue shirt: Gap • ballet flats: Scapa 

I'm having what seems to be the worst blue Monday of my short lifetime. Yesterday I arrived at our apartment building for my last week of classes before Spring break, in happy-dance party mode of course, and found the hallway flooded. Tiles had been lifted from the concrete floor which had burst, the carpet was stained and the smell was ... I'm sure you can imagine somethings when I say "open sewer". Our landlord came to our rescue and shut down the water supply, and for safety our electricity and internet too. We all were allowed to tap a bucket of water before the taps closed. It was a good exercise in thriftiness this morning when I had to wash myself, do my dishes, flush the toilet and help out my neighbor, who wasn't at home when the water supply was closed off. 

When I got home from class, my landlord and a plumber were busy taking down a wall in my bathroom to access the waterworks, but an electrician had already checked and cleared the cables from water damage so that is good news! I'm now writing this blog post with two men in my bathroom scanning my shower and toilet for potential leaks. I have to admit, it brings variation to my post writing routine. While these men are in there I'm trying to not get upset about all the dust that is coming into my living area which I had so carefully cleaned before the weekend. A dust pile is also growing on my also continuously growing pile of papers that need to get read and I'm out of chocolate. Also, this outfit would have worked better if I had let my shirt un-tucked. Water damage, dust, home work and chocolate deprivation are the key ingredients to any blue Monday. 

Hope you guys had a better start of the week!

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Spring Beauty Products

March 27, 2014

Jo Malone Peonies & Blush Suede Cologne 35ml • coral nailpolish Kiko #359/22839 • lilac nailpolish Kiko #330/22091

A beauty post? On The Ginger Diaries? Well, waddayaknow, I can still be a little bit surprising! Those who follow me on Instagram may have noticed that I was on a quest to find the perfect perfume, and that my quest eventually ended when I sniffed Jo Malone's Peonies & Blush Suede. I just love it! When we were in Brussels just after Christmas, my boyfriend and I made a stop at Senteurs D'Ailleurs (Place St├ęphanie 1A) for a late Christmas gift. I had heard so much about Jo Malone from other bloggers, and the luxury perfumery in the heart of Brussels was at that moment the only sales point in Belgium. I tried Pomegranate Noir, Orange Blossom and Peonies, and it was obvious right away which one was coming home with me. Sadly, it had sold out and it would be a few months before we'd be in Brussels again. Ten times hallelujah when we went to Lisbon and Jo Malone had just opened up a shop in the tax-free zone at Brussels National Airport. My favorite perfume at 30% off! sco-oh-ooore!

Okay, okay, you are probably more interested in what Peonies & Blush Suede smells like, than the story of how I found my bottle. How cool would it be if we could blog in 4D? Unfortunately technology isn't that far yet, so you'll have to do with a description (and a run to your nearest sales point). Jo Malone describes it as luxurious, opulent and flirtations, and I would want to add to their enumeration that it's a very light and fresh scent. It's a very subtle perfume, and because of the softness of the scent I was afraid that after a few hours of wear it would be almost completely evaporated. But I'm very happy to say I finally found a fresh floral perfume that stays noticeable all day! Apart from the subtle scent of peonies, those who have an advanced olfactory will also discover red apples, jasmine, roses and gillyflowers.

If you read through my Lisbon post - congratulations if you made it through the end - you may also know that I did  in fact break my shopping ban juuuust a little at Kiko Cosmetics. Their nail polish is my favorite in the world. Well, I'm probably not your best source for nail polish info as I've only had experience with Essie and Kiko. But yes, I think Kiko is better for my nail type than Essie. Even without a base - and top coat, the Kiko nail polishes don't chip before a week of wear and don't stain my natural nails. After wearing my Essie Shearling Darling or Fishnet Stockings my nails are pink for two weeks, and with Kiko being €2.90 and Essie and easy €11, I know where to go!  I already owned a white, soft blue and light green shade, and added these coral and lilac shades to my Kiko collection for Spring! One of my uni friends is smitten with the coral, and I can't blame her. So far, it's the only polish I've tried on and if my boyfriend wouldn't hate polished nails so much, I wouldn't have removed it yet! Generally, one layer of polish covers my nails nicely enough, but the lilac is very light so I might have to add a second layer to get it right. Using my white base coat makes these pastel shades look even better.  

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