July 30, 2015

Tile Print Lovin'

Another one of those shoots were everything went wrong. We encountered all the typical #bloggerproblems and I eventually ended up with exactly 11 photos that worked out for this blog post. I was holding my hair up in about 5 of them, so ... yeah... . Not my favorite photos, but definitely one of my favorite outfits!

This tile print top is a new favorite and is actually an off-shoulder top. When worn on-shoulders it falls like a cropped top that works nicely with high-waisted things like this skirt. The top has a bit of a gypsy look to it because of elasticated sleeves and neckline. The skirt is an old love from ICHI that I bought from Zalando after they offered me a gift card a few years ago. Because it's made of a thick material and has an underskirt I usually wear it in the fall (see outfits here, here and here) and winter, but since the weather has been a little depressing here lately it also worked fine for this summer look. Add a nice tan bag and these strappy Jonak flats and you have a recipe for a perfect casual look.

I've been spending my days in the school library so I haven't got much updates from the home front. I do want to thank you for your enthusiasm about my last post. I was a bit hesitant to share bits from our private home because, well, this is the internet and I'm not sure how much is safe to share, but it was fun to hear your responses and read that you all seem love our new place as much as we do. Keep your eyes on my Instagram for more small updates and I think I'll be ready to share more overall pictures by the start of fall. 

Have a lovely weekend! 

July 27, 2015

A First Peek Into Our New Home!

A warm and welcome hello from between the cardboard boxes, plastic foil and paint buckets. We have moved! It has been quite an ordeal, but we are slowly getting there. I promised on Instagram this morning that I'd share a few more bits and pieces from around our new home and here I am to keep my promise. We still need to hang up new lightning, receive our furniture, et cetera, but you can get quite a good idea of what we're going for here. I hope you enjoy the small tour!

This first corner is our "living room", but apart from the flowers, there ain't much living in there right now. Our couch is scheduled to arrive mid-August and once it's there we want to complete the seating area with a coffee table and move the decorative rack to the dining area and place a larger type indoor plant next to the TV stand. The TV stand is the ever so famous Ikea Kallax, which we flipped on its side and finished off with beautiful dark grey felt boxes from Hema. As you might be able to see we still need to work away the cables from K's the Playstation 4 and the digital TV box. My absolute favorite part about the living room is the wall color. I've been raving about it on social media and I can't help but mention it again on the blog. I just really love it. The close-up photo from the rack shows the color most veracious, but its actually still a little lighter in real life. As soon as I saw a picture of a kitchen painted in Levis "Noorderlicht" on their website I knew that was the color we'd be going for. It looks amazing on our wall and I couldn't be happier. Click "read more" to see... more!

July 23, 2015

With a Little Bit Of Sass

This slightly flared red mini-dress debuted on the blog this Winter and is now proving to be an all-rounder when it comes to the seasons. I love this thing! The red color fits nicely with my tan Michael Kors and sandals plus the bright color does a great job at making my pale skin less notable. The dress is a little bit more revealing than what I'd usually wear and it makes me feel a little bit sassy when I wear it. The boyfriend likes it, so that's good? And since he likes it I though this outfit was perfect for a lunch date with him and a sun-soaked afternoon of shopping with my girls afterwards. 

It's been a while again since I last wrote a blog post, but life in our new place is finally coming together. There's still a lot of things that need to be taken care of (mainly services that we can't control) but I'm confident we will get everything sorted out very soon. Once we are completely settled I might post a house tour. I've started studying for my final exam in August and have found a short summer job so that I have a small extra income to fund fun things such as coffee dates. Life is full, but my tummy isn't and it's dinner time over here. We're having hot dogs and apparently it's international hot dog day? Seems like all the instagrammers were much more into donut day a couple of weeks ago, haha. Anyway, have a great weekend guys and I'll be back soon. Pinky promise.

July 13, 2015

If You Can't Go To The Palm Trees...

Long tome no see here on The Ginger Diaries! I haven't found my rhythm back since school went out and we moved house. Life is hectic at the moment and I had so much things to take care of that I let my blog out of my sight. My boyfriend and I took a break from on Friday and decided to soak up some sun and go out for dinner. Before we headed out we went location spotting for the blog in our new hometown and used the time to shoot my ootd at once. I must admit that this outfit is unusual for me and I am still not completely comfortable wearing the cropped top out during the day, but I'm getting used to it... I think.  I did change into a tried-and-tested LBD for dinner, haha.

Last year Topshop had a beautiful palm leaf print crop top in their summer collection but even though I really liked the print, I was unsure I'd dare to wear the short top and I also didn't have anything fitting to pair it with. Of course I had regrets as soon as the top sold out and I found myself looking for something similar this Spring. New Look isn't a store that I step into often, but their collection had surprised me earlier this year so I decided to stop by again on a recent shopping trip. This black pencil skirt I found at F21 for a whopping €12.50 turned out to be the perfect partner for my newest wardrobe addition.

I can't really concentrate on what I am writing, which probably shows in the grammar and poor text construction, because I have to get a couple more things done before K comes home from work in an hour. I hope you guys like the outfit and I'll be back to blogging more regularly (and hopefully more qualitatively) soon! 

June 29, 2015

You're From The Seventies, But I'm A Nineties Chick

Being a kid from the early nineties, most of the current summer trends get the label "been there, done that". I might not be ready to give some things another go, but there are some revivals that I have grown to appreciate. Bardot necklines are one of those. They are definitely not everyone's cup of tea, but I fell in l-o-v-e when I saw this top in a haul video on YouTube (guilty pleasure!). When it went on sale a couple of weeks ago I clicked one right home to me! It took me a while to bring it to the blog due to bad weather, but I finally present you my new fave go-to look for a not-to-warm summer's day. The wide legged jeans are pretty old ones from Zara that have always worked well on my blog and my bag was a gift I received from my parents for Christmas. I love how the Michael Kors Sutton fits the seventies mood of this look. It makes it all just perfect. Not all of my friends love  my off-shoulder top as much as I do and the occasional Aladdin joke has passed by, but my boyfriend really loves it and he's the only one I'll (sometimes) listen to when getting dressed. 

Talking about my boyfriend, I have a big life update! We received the keys to our apartment today and will be moving in by the end of the week. Time went by so fast and we still have a lot of shopping to do before we can start living in there. Our couch, kitchen table and kitchen chairs will be delivered in late August, but we are going to pick up old furniture from family in the next couple of days. It's going to be a mismatch of things, but that's only temporary and that way we can also spread our costs over the next couple of months. Sooooo, I'm not sure I will be able to blog on Thursday, but I'll definitely be on Instagram and Twitter to keep you all posted. 

I hope you all have a lovely weekend and will enjoy the amaaaaazing weather we're having this week. See you later!

June 15, 2015

High Tea at HoneyPie in Middelburg

This weekend my mom took my sister and me out for a high tea at their favorite place in Middelburg: HoneyPie. I had passed by the tea house before and had seen people having lunch out on their floating (!) terrace, but never took the time to test their menu myself. Having been to the UK quite a couple times, I have always looked at people having high tea with a bit of jealousy. It's a pricey meal to have and as travelling youngsters it has never been in our budget to book a high tea for ourselves. We did with a simple afternoon tea with a slice of cake and I kept dreaming about "someday". That day was this weekend and I will already say: I will be back for more!

The high tea at HoneyPie is served in three rounds, savory, scones and pastries, just like it would be in England. Before the first round was served we were welcomed with a pot of tea and a pot of coffee and explained how everything worked. After a couple of minutes they brought out the cake stand with the first round and my goodness, I might have had enough with just that! We got a warm egg muffin and three mini-sandwiches with savory fillings which went nicely with the basic tea blend my mom had chosen for us. About 45 minutes later I felt ready for the second part. Warm, fluffy scones with cream and jam. I felt like I was right back in Canterbury with this one! The fruit skewers helped relief the heaviness of the first two rounds, but it's needless to say we let quite some time pass by before we ordered our final round: the pastries! This last round was without doubt me and my sisters favorite. The chocolate-cookie crumble pie is my sisters number one, but I loved the brownies most. So tender and full of taste! There was also lemon cake and the mini-muffins on top were warm apple-speculoos cakes.

Not only is the food great, the atmosphere is too. There's lots of cute little details and a small shop with pretty fabrics, tea cups and whatnot. Between rounds I wandered around and took a couple of picture of the interior. I kind of didn't dare to say that I was going to write a blog post, so I'm not sure what they thought of me as I was going around. Maybe they thought I was nuts for photographing their hanging plants and decorations?

We had our high tea during "brunch hour" so it wasn't very busy yet, but around noon the place was jam-packed. There were girls on a shopping break, young moms with strollers, families, elderly women having a chat, ... . Everyone loves to hang around here and I can definitely tell why. The food is delicious, the place is cozy and the personnel is very friendly. If you want to visit HoneyPie and have a high tea you must make reservations at least one day in advance. the high tea is €18,50 per person and they also offer the package for take-away if you're hosting a tea party at home.

June 11, 2015

Oh the Flossy, Flossy

"Wear them gold and diamonds rings. All them things don't mean a thing. Chaperons and limousines. Shopping for expensive things.". Next to anything from Toto or Journey, Fergie's 'Glamorous' has been one of the songs that defines my relationship with K. We spill out Ludacrises lines at least once a week and if we're playing the latest GTA we'll have Non-Stop POP FM on until it comes by. We love it. And so when I was gifted these Flossy shoes at the latest Press Days I couldn't not include the song in my blog post about them.

I'm still not entirely back into my outfit shooting groove, but hey, it's summer and nobody cares! I've been spending my days outside with friends and on the running track, trying to get back into shape after closing off the school semester. It's feels so good to be out of the city and let everything fall off my shoulders for a moment. Antwerp was getting a little too much for me lately. Being home feels good. My summer break has started, the last one I'll ever have, and I have so many fun things planned. Dreamy days trips and staycations, bars I want to try out, restaurants that are begging for a visit, ... my bucket list for summer is endless. But, all of these things require flat shoes and if there's one department my closet is lacking in, it's the shoe department. The only flats I currently have are a pair of extremely uncomfortable Jonak ballet shoes and my 10 year old Converse All-Stars. Not good. These Flossy shoes came just in time, and I'd like to thank Flossy for giving me a pair. They might not be the most sound choice of shoes for a whole day of walking, but I've worn them a lot on short evening walks and for quick shopping runs because they're easy like that. 

Also: they smell like strawberries. For real.

The press agency that represents Flossy in Belgium had set up a table full of crafty items for us to customize our pair during the Press Days. As we were already running late I decided to leave mine plain and simple, but many of my blogging companions went all out. See the Instagrams of Joppe and Monica for proof! It was my first time visiting Maison PR and it was so lovely to meet the team behind the agency. Thank you for having me Maison PR, and I'm already looking forward to the SS'16 Press days!

Romper: forever21 • shoes: Flossy (c/o)