August 27, 2015

A Roadtrip To Luxemburg (Malmedy, St Vith & Clervaux)

After our exams in June, my friend K and I got the crazy idea to drive to the south of the country and just see where we'd end up. K had almost never been there and had made a short bucket list. I on the other hand know the region well and told her I could guide her around. My grandparents have a caravan in Trois-Ponts and all we knew was that we were going to sleep there. 

On our first night we went to see the waterfalls (which is a big word for what they actually are) in Coo, but the park was already closed. When we arrived at the campsite we found the roads in such bad condition that all the bumping and shaking made our license plate break off the back of the car. Splendid! I thought we'd move all our stuff from the car and get installed so I could then call my grandfather to ask where he keeps his tools. I'm a handy girl and knew I could fix the license plate, but apparently I'm not handy enough to open the door of a caravan. What kind of a lock was that!? Both K and I had to try multiple times before everything clicked by chance and we were finally inside. If our first night was setting the tone for the rest of our trip we were in for something.

August 24, 2015

Teva Original Summer

It's late. Seven past nine in the evening. K's on the couch asking if I want to join him and watch some random Netflix things. He has ice cream too. I should probably get over there, but first I want to write a little here. I haven't been around much in August and I really want to share about my new shoes.

I talk a lot about shoes lately, don't I?

Teva sandals. I know, I know... they don't always have the most fashionable reputation, but this summer they came back with a bang. I have a brown leather pair that I used to wear in my outfit pictures all the time. Back when we shot them on our long morning walks in the woods and I couldn't really wear any other shoes. Those Teva's also travelled around with me. New York, London, Venice, Paris, Barcelona, Firenze, Washington DC, Bologna, ... everywhere I went, they took me. In Barcelona I got that famous "Teva Tan" and you could see the straps tanned on my feet until late in the winter. After years and years, I still have them, but they are quiet worn out which is why you haven't seen them around this space so much. If you want to see them, I can throw you back to this post from 2011. Awkward.

When Teva Europe contacted me a while ago and asked if I wanted to join their #OriginalSummer campaign I immediately was enthusiastic. The Instagram campaign is all about sharing your favorite summer moments with Teva and I had gone through the hashtag a couple of times already. There were so many beautiful travel photos that I actually missed taking my trusty leather pair out on an adventure. Even though I wasn't going to be travelling this summer, Teva gave me neutral grey Originals with golden detail to replace my old ones. I'm in love! I am curious to see where they will take me in the future, but for now the town square will have to do. 

August 20, 2015

The Ginger Loves: mbyM

Do you remember the post I wrote about my love for From Warsaw? I told you how madly I had fallen for their red dress and how that dress was the only thing that really stuck with me from all the fashion collections I saw during the FW15 press days. Well, I lied. There was another collection that caught my eye.I didn't fall for it instantaneously, but it kept lingering in my mind and with fall coming closer I keep looking at their lookbook. Today I'm sharing a bit about Mbym on the blog.

I was invited to visit a press agency I had never met before. I knew little about the brands they represented, so I walked into their showroom with a curious heart.The first thing I noticed when I entered was a rack of emerald green clothing. Being a redhead I'm trained to notice that color and after a short introduction I went straight for it. I found feminine dresses and soft, slightly oversized plaid blouses. At the time we were in the heart of Spring and the attire said little to me, but now that we're only 11 days away from September... . Here's my wishlist. That plaid dress tho.

Mbym is a Danish brand that aims to bring us soft, simple looks with a bit of and edge. You all know how I like to feel a little badass sometimes (and fail), but I also really love comfortable, classy and feminine outfits. Mbym offers all those things and at a fairly reasonable price. It's not student budget, but it's not over-the-top either. They also have a range of beautifully made jersey basics that looks very promising to me! You can shop mbyM online at Zalando or in the Men At Work stores.

August 17, 2015

Party In The Back

I can't really tell if it was Revenge, my profound love for J.Crew or Spencer Hastings wardrobe on PLL that got me into the whole preppy look. What I do know is that I am now the very happy owner of the most preppy shoes out there. Well, they rank to the top most preppy shoes together with Hunter rain boots. I have been coming back to Sperry Top-Siders for a couple of years, but eventually always preferred spending my money on ballet flats or sandals for summer.

I went to the doctors office a few weeks back to get my annual exam and pick up a prescription. While getting measured I had to stand tall against the wall and my doctor noticed how my feet seemed to have gotten more hollow. I lean on my feet in the wrong way and have a high arch, which has never cause me any pain, but added to my supple ligaments causes me to have low balance and easily sprain my ankles. My doctor shook his head 'no' when he asked me what type of shoes I usually wear: heeled sandals and pumps. These ingredients make a recipe for disaster and I could feel it coming as soon as I started jogging again this Spring. I badly sprained my ankle after only four runs. My running shoes have since been my best friends on cooler summer days because they really were the only flat shoes I had where I could strap my feet in nicely. However, wearing bulky black trainers under summer dresses wasn't something this style blogger was going to do willingly. My mom agreed that I needed something more dressy and girly and thought these Sperry's would be a good option. I couldn't agree more! They go nicely with my summer wardrobe, especially red and navy blue things, and I've been wearing them all week. I've added a sole inside with a cushion to support my high arch and now they walk almost as heavenly as my Nikes. The ankle is a bit low on these shoes (think low all-star fit), so if you don't like that then I would recommend looking at Sperry's other models. 

I didn't throw all my 'irresponsible' shoes out. I kept them mostly for when I'm going out with the girls or on a date night with K. I will do my best to wear flat shoes more often for school - oh wait, I am graduating - work (that sounds weird) and when I'm running errands or walking longer distances. It was also very nice to have a doctors excuse for shoe-shopping, even though I don't really like shopping all that much. There's currently a new pair of converse all-stars in my wardrobe as well (don't worry: with the cushion my doctor said they should be fine) and I can't stop looking at all those cute Keds out there! 

And now I'm writing about my shoes while I was actually going to tell about my new red blouse. Well, I'll just let that one speak for itself then. What I will say is: best money spent on clothes this year. 

August 6, 2015

& Other Stories Arabesque Wood Bath & Body care

It is not often that I get excited about beauty products. But this? This. is. it.

I discovered the & Other Stories beauty products during the opening of their store in Ghent a couple of months ago. Normally I skip their beauty counters and head straight for the shoes, but this time my fellow bloggers made me stop and smell all the jars. With winter behind us and summer approaching, my skin could really use a good, nourishing treatment at the time and the body scrubs and body soufflés from & Other Stories sounded like they would do a good job. The only reason I did not buy any that day was the fact that I simply couldn't chose between the different scents. I stopped by the & Other Stories in Antwerp a short while later and with the help of the (very friendly!) staff, I eventually picked out Arabesque Wood, a scent that is just me.

August 3, 2015

Sometimes Basic & Easy Is Best

Every style guide will tell you that you need a black blazer and indeed: it is a good basic. But I have big trouble finding the perfect one. I got mine from Mango a couple of years ago to replace the cheap and ill-fitting one I had from Forever21. At first I was really happy with my purchase, but then it was quickly thrown out of my jacket-rotation. I don't know guys. I feel really uncomfortable when I wear it, even though it looks perfectly fine when I look at it in the pictures. There's something about the sleeves that makes it just feel wrong somehow, and therefor it got banned to the "can't throw away because good basic, but still won't wear"-pile. 

We were watching the first season of Ray Donovan a couple of weeks ago and I really liked the outfits they put on actress Katherine Moennig (Lena in the series). A simple tee, jeans, heeled booties, a leather jacket or black blazer and some nice jewelry and MAN, did she look gooooooood. When I wasn't sure what to wear with all the rain we had last week I decided to try Lena's outfit recipe and give my black blazer another chance. My white tee isn't the Pinterest-perfect tee, but it works and my big black/silver earrings were the perfect finishing touch. I rolled the sleeves of my blazer up to 3/4-length and it totally made me feel badass.

As I said we had lots of rain the last while, so hence the gorgeous brick wall behind me. We didn't really feel like going outside and searching for a shoot location as we still don't know our new hometown that well and the clouds weren't looking very nice. We didn't want to be caught in the rain, but I've also missed so many posting days in July that I did not want to start August on a bad note. Our terrace on one side looks out on the back wall of a neighboring building so I went with the easiest solution. This paragraph deserves a #bloggerproblems and I'll be back on Thursday with a... beauty post. 

July 30, 2015

Tile Print Lovin'

Another one of those shoots were everything went wrong. We encountered all the typical #bloggerproblems and I eventually ended up with exactly 11 photos that worked out for this blog post. I was holding my hair up in about 5 of them, so ... yeah... . Not my favorite photos, but definitely one of my favorite outfits!

This tile print top is a new favorite and is actually an off-shoulder top. When worn on-shoulders it falls like a cropped top that works nicely with high-waisted things like this skirt. The top has a bit of a gypsy look to it because of elasticated sleeves and neckline. The skirt is an old love from ICHI that I bought from Zalando after they offered me a gift card a few years ago. Because it's made of a thick material and has an underskirt I usually wear it in the fall (see outfits here, here and here) and winter, but since the weather has been a little depressing here lately it also worked fine for this summer look. Add a nice tan bag and these strappy Jonak flats and you have a recipe for a perfect casual look.

I've been spending my days in the school library so I haven't got much updates from the home front. I do want to thank you for your enthusiasm about my last post. I was a bit hesitant to share bits from our private home because, well, this is the internet and I'm not sure how much is safe to share, but it was fun to hear your responses and read that you all seem love our new place as much as we do. Keep your eyes on my Instagram for more small updates and I think I'll be ready to share more overall pictures by the start of fall. 

Have a lovely weekend!