March 25, 2015

Shopping in Antwerp: Mijn Wonderkamer

Last week my friend Julie and I set sail to Kammenstraat 70 for an adventure that made us both nervous and excited. The week before, I received an email from storeowner Lente, who has recently opened her store Mijn Wonderkamer (My room of wonders) at it's new location, to invite me into her world of wonders. I was feeling brave so I said yes and Julie, bitten by the same adventure-bug as I, immediately jumped to the chance too. The big day came. We only had a rough idea, no concrete plan of action and very limited time to complete our task, but on our quest we went and this is what we found!

Calling itself the first guerilla store in the city, the concept of Mijn Wonderkamer is simple as it is genius: every piece is stocked in limited quantity, meaning that what you buy will be relatively unique. On top of that Lente aims to stock new-to-you quality brands at high street prices. You'll pay somewhere between €20 for a top and €80 for a coat. Fair enough!

The shop floor is huge and filled with a very versatile collection spread out of three different rooms. For fun, my friend Julie helped me pick out three outfits and we chose spots inside the store to shoot them. These photos only show items that fit my personal style and that I personally loved, but know that there are quite some edgy pieces, party dresses, sweaters and a men's collection to be found at Mijn Wonderkamer too. I believe everyone can find something after their own heart in this store and that's where I think lies its most important strength. After we wrapped up our shoot Lente was kind enough to let me pick out one item as a souvenir for our collaboration. Care to take a guess at what item won my heart?

Outfit 1: navy jumpsuit

Outfit 2: ivory striped dress with layers and gold straps

Outfit 3: loose fitting pants and tank top

I hope you liked reading this post as much as I liked creating it. Lente gave me the freedom to try out this new post concept and  I would love to get feedback from you! I've also placed a few more photos that I didn't want to keep from you after the fold. 

Mijn Wonderkamer
Kammenstraat 70
2000 Antwerp

March 19, 2015

Glasgow By Night: Royal Exchange Square & Caffè Nero

Travelling during the winter months means you have shorter days to enjoy the city you're exploring. That short days don't have to be a bad thing was proven by Glasgow, where the Royal Exchange Square turns into a fairy tale-like locale as soon as the sun sinks into the Scottish landscape. And so our cold, windy and rainy day in Glasgow still got it's happy and romantic ending. A happy and romantic ending that I would like to share with you! Enjoy!

March 16, 2015

We're Going To Go To Glasgow

Are you ready to discover another city through my lens? Today, I have a little bit of Glasgow for you! During our 5-day trip to Edinburgh, we decided to trade the Scottish national capital for its style capital. We spent about 8 hours wandering around Glasgow trying to fit in as much of our to-see list as we could. Unfortunately the weather wasn't in our favor and we got rained on a couple of times, but I still managed to get a few nice photos of the day to share with you!

March 4, 2015

The Power Blazer

Just to proof that I do still wear something other than leggings and jersey tops. An actual, decent outfit that I wore for our 'date day' this weekend. We went on a long walk through my favorite neighborhoods in the city, het Eilandje, to dream of apartments we will never be able to afford. While we were out, we squeezed in a quick and fun shoot so I had something to break up all of my recent travel posts. The MAS museum is a Belgian blogger favorite for outfit shoots because there's plenty to see and do after you've wrapped up your shoot. Kenneth and I had coffee at what might be my new favorite spot in town and walked up to the river banks afterwards to sit and talk about our work/school week. I'm planning on writing a separate post about the area somewhere in the Spring and that's why I will just share my outfit and a touristy sight on Antwerp with you today.

As a redhead I never thought I'd be known for anything other than my red hair. That was until I wore this jacket to school. My Ted Baker jacket is one of my favorite pieces and I apparently wear it a lot of Mondays and Fridays, when I have my classes. Now I'm the "blue jacket girl". Turns out some people also know me as the "dresses + blazers" girl, but I'm not sure where that came from. I was pretending that winter was over with this outfit, but gave in to the chilly wind by going for jeans instead of the usual pencil skirt. My winter coat is lying on the ground somewhere just outside of the bottom right photo corner too. I'm just a little bit tired of my winter wear and totally ready to bring out my blazers and dresses again... oh wait... .

February 23, 2015

Edinburgh Highlight: Calton Hill

Even though it is the number one tourist spot in Edinburgh, Calton Hill was only the very last thing we did while we were in Scotland. The threatening clouds in the photos are what kept us to wait until the very last day to climb up the hill. We preferred to visit Arthurs Seat and the botanic garden on the better days, but I really didn't want to leave the city without having enjoyed the amazing views from atop Calton Hill. So, with the possibility to be rained on and literally get blown off the hill, we ventured up there on our last evening in town.

Calton hill lies just off the end of Princess street and offers an amazing view over the whole city. It was fun to stand up there on our last day and point to all the places we had been! Because it was drizzling, we  had the entire hilltop almost to ourselves. I climbed up the National Monument and took a few hundred photos of the Nelson monument and the bright yellow Gentista bushes that brought life in the grey and bare surroundings. If the weather had let us, we would have brought a picnick and watched the sun set from one of the many benches overlooking Edinburgh, but alas, we'll have to return for that!

As if we wouldn't return anyway.

February 9, 2015

A Day out in Edinburgh: Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh

This comes as no surprise to anyone who knows me. Botanical gardens are my jam! Since I haven't finished writing my posts about Edinburgh and Glasgow, I thought I'd start out with what I usually save for last!

We had pretty soft winter weather while we were in Scotland and because it was not too cold and wet, we decided to discover the green beauty of Edinburgh and maybe even walk all the way down to the seaside. Not everything went according to plan, as you'll read later on, but I really enjoyed this day in the city. It was good, it was relaxed and I ate well. That too, will be proven by the photos later on in this post. Enjoy Edinburgh!

February 5, 2015

"A girl's entitled to flaunt" - Sugababes, Red Dress

You know your life is boring when the most exciting moment of the day is when you ermagerdfinally find the full text version of an abstract that looks promising for your thesis. Really friends, that's what my life is all about right now! I'm pretty much finished with two of the four main chapters in my literature summary and hope to finish the other two (which are already partially written out) by Monday so I can hand them in for feedback.

I also have good news to share! I received my grades yesterday and almost went through the roof when I saw that, at the third attempt, I finally passed my statistics class. I took three other exams which I all passed as well and I couldn't be happier with my grades. This has been my best semester ever grade-wise and I'm really proud of myself for accomplishing a university career. Just one more semester and a thesis to go, and I'll be a Sociology master.

So. Much. School talk!

To brighten up my not-so-much-of-a-life, I wear fancy dresses to sit at my desk. Bloggers will be bloggers! I recently added two fancy frocks to my closet, one as a pick-me-up before the exams and one as a gift to myself after. This red number from Reiss was the after-party. I fell in love with it in Dublin, but the price tag said "hell no". I kept going back to it online and eventually it went on sale, but sold out before the price had lowered enough for me to justify the purchase. I must admit that I was pretty bummed about it, but I moved on and bought another dress from Ted Baker that I had also been eyeing since Dublin. Looking back, Dublin was pretty bad for my wallet. And then I went to Edinburgh. Even more bad for my wallet, because at 60% off I just couldn't pass the dress up. I am a real bad sucker for pretty dresses and that is going to cost me one day. Until then: imma be fancy.